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Blog: 'Undercover' Single Release

17 October 2014

Wohoo! Time for the next single release from my debut album 'Lucky'. How exciting! The first single 'Bad Day' was very exciting and it was so lovely to get such a great response. This next single…will be familiar to some however there is a demand for a re-release, so may I present to you…the 2014 version of….'Undercover'! 

This single release will feature not only the track 'Undercover' but also an AMAZING remix by the awesome JoJo F…and the music video! 

I will be writing a few blogs on the song, the recording process and music video running up to the release on November 7th however today is the launch of the artwork. I am so in love with the artwork…if that is at all possible. A few months ago, my makeup artist Gina Dowle reposted a fantastic blog which showed some amazing makeup work, creating a picture/piece of art on the face. I knew instantly I wanted to use that idea at some point….and when it came to thinking about the artwork for this single I thought YES! It is possible! 

Gina Dowle designed the image based around my requests of 'something woodlandy…' and we shot the image with Nick Kent who is the photographer I worked with for my album cover too. Then the image was sent to Chris Emery who does all my website and graphic design work and he further added to the magic that is now…the Undercover artwork. 

The physical copies of the single are just for promo use at the moment, however I am sure I will have some left over so these will eventually go on sale on my BigCartel Shop. In the meantime, my lovely followers on StageIt will get the chance to win a copy at the forthcoming shows. It really is stunning and I am extremely proud of it. 

Many thanks to all the support so far : ) If you haven't got the album yet, it is available in physical format from Amazon and digitally on iTunes and other digital sites. The next StageIt Gig is on Wednesday 22nd October at 8.30pm BST. If you are new to StageIt, it's a great platform where you can watch artists perform worldwide, online. There is more info for that on my Gigs page.

And talking of gigs…I can't WAIT to travel to Bern, Switzerland next week to perform at Prima Luna on Saturday 25th October.

Spread the word my lovelies, I am enjoying the journey with you all.

Alex Louise xxxxx

Alex Louise