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Blog: Pre Album Release

25 September 2014

It feels like Christmas Eve…..it's the day before my debut album 'Lucky' is released to the world! I wrote the other day on Facebook that releasing an album is like bearing your soul to the world…..it is! Or maybe even worse…like bearing your bottom????? 

I am quite nervous as to what people think…but I have already had some great feedback so far and really the main thing is that this is an album that I personally proud of, so that is all that matters : )

Lots of fun album stuff to be posted tomorrow but just thought I'd drop in for a little blog, more to calm my nerves than anything else! If anyone is #lucky enough (see what I did there!) to have a copy of the album already then please do shout about it to your friends (if you like it!). And for anyone that buys it tomorrow if you could be so kind as to leave a review that would make me most pleased : )

Here is a preorder link for any eager bunnies that want to get their hands on it. The album will be released physically in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and digitally worldwide. You will also be able to buy the physical release from my website shop too as of tomorrow.

So…wish me luck!

For any of my StageIt fans, here are some new dates:

Tuesday 7th October 8.30pm BST

Monday 13th October 8.30pm BST

Wednesday 22nd October 8.30pm BST

Further details are on my gigs page.

Until tomorrow my friends….

Alex Louise xxx

Alex Louise