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Blog: 'Lucky' Album Release

30 September 2014

My album is finally here :) It's been at least 2 years in the making and it feels like my baby! I am so excited to share my songs with everyone and the feedback already has been so lovely. 

The album is available for digital download worldwide via iTunes. It is also available for physical purchase on Amazon

It needs to be imported from Germany however it is very easy to do. I have also realised, from an artist point of view, how much people buying my physical album means to me. As a consumer, I very rarely buy a physical copy of an album any more, it's just so easy to download from iTunes on to my phone. However, knowing that people are holding my album in their hands seems to mean so much more! I have been converted…from now on I will always buy physical copies!

The album is called 'Lucky' and has been written by myself and my co-writer Sam Bosanquet. One track 'Kiss' was written by myself and Frankie Young. I worked with Harun and Russell Carr who are fantastic producers and the whole experience of 'making the album' was so much fun! Here is a little video talk through of the album:

Thank you so much to everyone for their support with the album and I really appreciate the reviews being left on Amazon and iTunes. 

A very happy,

Alex Louise xx

Alex Louise