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Blog: It's been a while....xx

14 February 2018

Well Hello to YOU!

Things have been a little quiet for me for the past couple of years, as you can probably tell through my lack of online presence! A lot has happened….I got married! For those of you that have followed me over the past few years – that gorgeous guitarist who I co-wrote all my music with, Sam Bosanquet – married him! I’ve lived in London….I’ve moved to the countryside….I’ve moved away from music and discovered my passion for all things organisational within project management…I’ve kept my foot in the door by still singing and performing where possible….what else have I been doing……? I can’t believe my album was released 4 years ago….what have I been doing all this time?

Well, I have been having ALOT of fun and really living life to the full, but have had a weird/nice break from writing music. Perhaps I have been subconsciously building the lyric material for the next 5 albums worth of songs without even knowing it?

Anyway! I am writing this blog today because something VERY cool is happening! 3 of my songs are being used in a film!! How exciting is that! The film is called For The Love of George and is a romantic comedy about an English jilted wife leaving her cheating husband to jet off to LA to find the man of her dreams, George Clooney! It has a great cast (Nadia JordanRosanna ArquetteTate DonavanKristen Johnston plus so many more) and a fabulous soundtrack. My good friends Unsung Lilly also feature on 5 tracks, and I have to say all the music on this soundtrack is really, very cool!

At the moment the soundtrack is released worldwide (AmazonSpotify etc.) but the film is just on VOD and DVD throughout the US and Canada. http://bit.ly/FLG-iTunes

The songs that have been chosen were a bit of a mixed bag...

Into The Night - taken from my album (and still my fav. song off the album fyi!)

Sha La La - Sam and I went through a faze of writing lots of different styles with different artists in mind. I can't remember what the thoughts were behind this song...all I know is I could picture the music video and the dance routine whilst writing it!

Steal A Lovers Kiss - we wrote this one to a brief. After it didn't get taken on for what we wrote it for, we never thought it would hear day light again. So glad it has been given life. I remember being stuck on one line literally for months, and finally writing it whilst wading in a swimming pool in Bali whilst on holiday. Random!

Please check out the film if you can get access to it, and the soundtrack if not in Canada and the US, as I would love to know someone is still out there listening!

So excited to be a part of this and hope you all enjoy it too.

Lots of love,

Alex Louise xx

Alex Louise

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