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Blog: Guildford Music Takeover

11 February 2013

Photo by Pamela Dawn Photography 

On Saturday 9th February, I took part in the Guildford Music Takeover. I have done quite a few of these now and they are always amazing, however this one was very exciting as it was in my home town! I grew up on the outskirts of Guildford in Shere....although I actually lived on the outskirts of Shere...in the middle of no-where! Guildford was my local town so I spent a lot of time there and am very familiar with the place.

The takeover started with a performance in Jack Wills. I love this shop! I love everything about it...the clothes, the branding...love it! I remember when I passed by GCSE's, my present from my parents was a Jack Wills tracksuit! It was green, so comfy and I loved it! 

It was really fun performing in Jack Wills, people looked a bit shocked as they wondered in the door and heard live music. It was great fun and the staff were really lovely and accommodating. Unsung Lilly performed after me and even though I have seen them perform a million times, it is always awesomely entertaining and I reckon I can sing along to every song now. 

Photo by Will Goodwin Photography 

We then moved over to House of Fraser where a stage had been set up for us. This was a really interesting set up where they had the stage facing the escalators, meaning only a small area in front of the stage for people to watch. This all made sense once I started playing. House of Fraser must be a bout 5 floors high and all up the escalators and along the balconies people were watching me. Later, when Unsung Lilly were playing, I went up there and the sound was amazing! The higher up you went the more amazing it sounded! It's funny that House of Fraser, a department store, was actually better for sound and lighting then most of the venues I play! All the pictures look amazing because their lighting is designed to compliment the items they are selling.

I was also invited this week to take part in Eagle Radio Live Sessions which is aired on Sunday evenings. Again, this was really exciting for me as Eagle was the station I grew up listening to. They are more then just a radio station as they do a lot for the local community and also local music, so I have a lot of love for them! A short interview along with an acoustic performance of the single 'Undercover' was played on Sunday evening. You can listen back to the session here.

The Guildford Music Takeover was not only to promote my single 'Undercover'  which is released on Monday 18th February, but also to promote the Guildford Tour Date on Tuesday 5th March at The Boileroom  supporting Rachel Sermanni. 

A big thank you to House of Fraser, Jack Wills, Eagle Radio, Will Goodwin Photography, Pamela Dawn Photography and our lovely flyerers Amy Crew & Kelly Swansborough. 

There are so many fantastic photos, I have uploaded all of them on my Facebook  page however a small selection are below:

At House of Fraser, Guildford. Photo by Pamela Dawn Photography

Promoting the Guildford Tour Date at Boileroom. Photo by Will Goodwin Photography

At House of Fraser, Guildford. Photo by Will Goodwin Photography

At House of Fraser, Guildford. Photo by Pamela Dawn Photography

At Jack Wills,Guildford. Photo by Pamela Dawn Photography

At House of Fraser, Guildford. Photo by Will Goodwin Photography

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