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'Lucky' Album

10 March 2014 0 Comments

You can now listen to my debut album 'Lucky' on my website. I had SO much fun recording this recently and worked with some fabulous musicians. A big thanks to Harun and Russell Carr for their excellent production skills, as well as fantastic musicians Sam Bosanquet, Wayne Riches, Frankie Young, Anna Roberts, Maria Cherednikova and Neil Doherty.


Online Gig Announcement

03 March 2014 0 Comments

Hello peeps : )

Thank you for joining me on this fine Monday afternoon...(or whatever day it is if you are reading this at a later date....I hope it is a fine day!). Just a little note to say keep your eyes pealed as I am going to be performing a string of online gigs via StageIt over the next few weeks. They will be at varied times as I appreciate I have people watching in different time zones.

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